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Services To Claimants

Crown Forestry Rental Trust assists eligible Māori claimants ('Approved Clients') to prepare, present and negotiate claims lodged under the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975, that involve, or could involve, Crown forest licensed land.

Claimants preparing for and engaging in settlement processes are required to commit considerable time, effort and resources to advance their claims.  Minimum requirements include:

  • Evidence of a breach of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • Evidence that claimants have suffered prejudice as a result.
  • A defined claimant group with identified geographical boundaries, whakapapa and recognition from neighbouring groups.
  • Leadership skills, and a high level of organisation and unity.


Working within its Trust Deed, the Trust seeks to help claimants to successfully navigate this process.


Trust services

The Trust produces a detailed guide to Trust services for Approved Clients. In general, Trust services cover

  • Facilitation - providing advice on all matters concerned with settlement processes;
  • Funding specific settlement-related activities necessary for these processes, and
  • Planning and funding any research required to support a claim.

Specific examples of these services include

  • Assessing claims' evidential bases
  • Assessing the research effort required to complete District Casebooks
  • Assisting in drafting research plans
  • Contracting professional research services
  • Supporting and resourcing groups managing claims to the hearing stage
  • Facilitating planning hui
  • Providing support and guidance through planning processes, and
  • Administering and monitoring contracts.  


Claimant eligibility and capability 

Claimant groups become Approved Clients of the Trust through meeting eligibility and capability ('E & C') criteria. These criteria and the approval process are managed using the Trust's eligibility and capability application forms:

Settlement Negotiations Eligibility and Capability application form

Waitangi Tribunal Eligibility and Capability application form

Waitangi Tribunal Remedies Hearing Eligibility and Capability application form


The Trust also maintains a Publications page of other useful information for claimants.